13 Ideas To Keep The Kids Entertained At Home

At the moment, many of us are very restricted to what we can do, and for many that means we are in lockdown, or even quarantined.  Some of us may be working, some may not be able to work, but whatever the situation, this time also gives us the opportunity to spend more time with the kids, in the safe walls of home.  With this in mind, we have created this helpful list of fun things to do at home with the kids.

  1. Dance parties. Who doesn’t love a dance party, and even better you can have it in your pyjamas or favourite dress up costume!  Crank up your favourite tunes, and dance the day away.
  2. Hide and Seek. You will be able to find so many places in your house, you never know existed.  Encourage your kids to run around the house and use their imaginations to find the most creative hiding spots.
  3. Foot race.  See who can get from the kitchen to the front door the fastest!  Try racing while holding something tricky, or balancing something on your head.
  4. Bike ride. Head out as a family and enjoy the time together, while on your bikes taking in the fresh air, and absorbing all the beauty spring has to offer.
  5. Indoor Ultimate Obstacle course. Use furniture, blankets, tape on the floor, cushions and chairs to create  the ultimate obstacle course. Get the kids to help build the fort, and their imagination can run wild.
  6. Build a fort. Create the great outdoors in your very own living room!  Gather all your blankets, pillows, cushions and sheets to create the most exciting fort on the block!blanket fort for kids
  7. Bubbles. If you have space outside, what better way to have fun on a sunny (or even cloudy) day.  See who can catch or pop the most bubbles.
  8. Chalk Art. Get out the chalk and draw fun pictures, patterns, monsters or write fun sayings on your pavement.  Draw up a Hopscotch area and get hopping!  
  9. Hula hoop. This can be done inside or out! See who can keep the hula hoop going the longest, or who can spin the hula hoop the fastest.

    hula hoop for kids

    Hula hoop fun!

  10. Balloon volleyball. Blow up a balloon and play a game of volleyball! You can do this inside without the risk of breaking something.
  11. Yoga.  Kids love yoga!  Sophia Khan has a great Yoga class for kids on YouTube. Or search YouTube and you will find many other great videos, some of which are created specifically for kids.
  12. Jump rope. A great way for kids to have fun and stay active. If you have multiple kids at home get them all involved in a large group of double dutch.
  13. Backyard Sports. Set up “goals” with branches and play a game of soccer/football.  You’ll have hours of fun, and create champions in the making.


Hopefully you’ll enjoy these activities, and create some fun memories, but most of all, HAVE FUN 🙂  Check out our crafts for more at home fun!

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