Easy Burns Night Craft

Here you’ll find steps to make and Easy Burns night craft to celebrate Burns night.  Burns night is about celebrating Scottish poet, Robert Burns, born in 1759, and his many Scots Poems.  Burns night celebrations usually have a supper and is usually celebrated around the poet’s birthday (25 Jan) every year.

Because Robert Burns was Scottish, we are going to make an easy Scottish Flag Burns Night Craft.


You will need

Blue and white construction paper



Blue and white tissue paper


Step 1

You will need to make a rectangle shape for the flag shape.  Use the blue construction paper as the base and the Scottish flag is mainly blue.  Using the white construction paper and scissors you will need to make a diagonal cross shape.  Glue the white diagonal cross shape on top of the blue paper.  The middle of the cross should be in the middle of the blue paper. See flag below.

Scottish flag

Scottish flag

Step 2

Using small bits of blue tissue paper, scrunch up little bits and glue on the blue parts of the flag.  Do the same with the white tissue paper on the white paper.

Step 3

Finish off by dabbing glue on the tissue paper, then sprinkle the glitter on top of the glue.  Blue glitter on the blue parts, and white glitter on the white parts.  Leave to dry for an hour or two to make sure it’s secure.  Your Burns Night Craft is complete.

You now have a great looking Scottish flag craft for Burns Night celebrations!


These are the products I used for this craft.  Click the picture to get your supplies too!
Construction Paper


Tissue Paper

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