Easy Easter Bunny


Easy Easter bunny craft

Easter Bunny Craft

Easy Easter Bunny Craft

We thought it would be a great idea to create an Easter Bunny craft that not only is useful for collecting Easter eggs but uses recycled things you can find easily and is environmentally friendly.  Make your own easy paper roll Easter Bunny using things you can find around the home. Our easy Easter Bunny craft will be a perfect addition to your Easter egg hunt – it even holds some of the eggs you find!  Be creative and have fun with this Easter bunny craft, and

You will need

One toilet roll

White and pink construction paper



(Pipe cleaner )optional


Step 1

The first step to creating your own Easter bunny craft is to cut out a rectangle which will be wrapped around the paper roll.  I used the paper roll to measure the size, and any overlapping bits were folded inside the paper roll.  Carefully glue on the outside of the paper roll, and align the paper rectangle with the roll.  Gently wrap the paper around the outside of the roll.


You can add a bottom to the bunny, so you can collect eggs in it. Simply glue paper across one end, so it becomes a small basket.


Step 2

Cut out 2 bunny ears, using the white paper, and then two smaller triangles to be the inner ear.  Glue the pink paper on to the white ear, and let it dry.  Once this is dry, glue at the bottom of the ear, and stick this to the back of the paper roll at the top.  Repeat with the other ear.


Step 3

Using a marker pen, draw on the front of the Easter bunny, eyes, nose, and a mouth.  You can either draw whiskers on, or an alternative is to glue on some pipe cleaners.


Step 4

Go easter egg hunting!!!!


Easter bunny craft

Steps to make Easter bunny



Easter bunny craft

Easter bunny craft

Toilet roll bunny

Easter Bunny craft using a slightly different layout

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