Easy Fox Craft

For everyone who loves nature and animals this easy toilet roll fox crafts is so fun to make, and the kids will love it.  This easy fox craft is great for toddlers and older children alike. Using a few materials and recycling items around the house, like toilet paper roll, you can make your own fox craft.


fox craft

Fox Crafts for Kids

With 6 simple steps you can make your own Fox!

You will need

  • Orange construction paper

  • White construction paper

  • Black marker

  • Glue or tape

  • Toilet paper roll

  • Scissors

Step 1

The first thing you will need to do is create the fox body.  This is made from the toilet paper roll and orange construction paper.  You will need to wrap the outside of the toilet paper roll with the orange paper, and use glue or tape to hold it in place. Fold the overlapping paper inside each end of the paper roll.

Step 2

For the foxes head you will need to cut out a triangle shape using scissors and orange construction paper.  This should be around 10cm on each side. If you want you can cut out feet and a fluffy chest from the white paper.

Step 3

All foxes need ears, so you will need to cut not two triangles about 3cm from the orange paper and two slightly smaller triangles from the white paper.  You will next glue or tape the white paper on the top of the orange paper triangles. These ears will then need to be glued or taped to the top of the foxes head.

Step 4

To create the foxes bushy tail, you will need to cut out a diamond shape with soft edges from the orange construction paper.  Using the white paper create the ‘fluff’ which will sit at the top end of the tail. Glue or use tape to stick together.

Step 5

All foxes need eyes and a nose right? To create the eyes you will need to cut out two small circles from the white paper.  Using the market draw on the pupils, the glue or tape onto the foxes face. Use the marker to draw on a cute one for the fox too!

Step 6

To put the fox together, you will need to stick the tail onto the back of the toilet roll, and the head into the from on the toilet roll. Your fox is now complete and ready to play!

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