Fathers Day Craft -No.1 Daddy

Father's Day craft

You will need
Paper – any colour you like

Craft Glue




Jar lid (optional)
Step 1

The first thing you will need to do it create a circle shape for the middle of the rosette. Using a jar lid or something of similar size, trace the circular shape. Around the outside of the circle, draw small triangles, which will make the outside of the rosette shape.

Step 2

Trace and draw one more circle on a different piece of paper, I chose yellow. Cut this out, and glue in on the first circle on the first piece of paper. This will be the centre of your rosette.

Step 3

Using the second piece of paper, cut out what will be the ribbons on the bottom of the rosette. You will need to cut out either one or two pieces, I did one. Remember to cut out the small triangle at the bottom of the ‘ribbon’. Glue at the top, and place the centre of the ‘rosette’ on top.

Father's Day craft ribbons

Step 4

Write your messages on the front. If the kids want to, it’s a nice way to practice their writing/tracing for letter development.

Step 5

Around the edges of the ‘rosette’ put a thin line of glue, Sprinkle glitter on the glue and wait to dry.  

Daddy’s present is now ready. Happy Father’s day everyone!

Father's Day kids craft
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