Easy Toilet paper roll bird

Paper roll bird you say?……Ever wondered what to do with those toilet paper rolls you end up with. Look no further…. Here is a simple, easy 5 step guide to making toilet paper roll birds.

You will need
Toilet paper roll
Construction paper – black, white, orange
Stick on eyes (optional)

Step 1
Standing the roll on one flat end, fold the opposite end in the middle to make two triangular ear looking parts, that are a little bit pointy.

Step 2
Using glue, stick the feathers on facing downwards. Layer them on top of each other.

Step 3
If you are using stick on eyes, pop them on. If you are using construction paper, cut out two white circles, the two slightly smaller black circles. Glue the black circles onto the white circles. These will be your eyes.

Step 4
Glue on a small orange triangle of construction paper for the nose. Cut two half circles and glue them on the back of the ‘bird’ to make small wings. Add feathers facing upwards at the back of the bird to make a tail.

Step 5
You can colour the toilet paper roll or leave it plain. Decorate as you like. You now have a cute little toilet paper roll bird

Look out for the Toilet paper roll Bird feeder!

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