Garden Snail Craft

With 5 simple steps you can make this cute garden snail craft using buttons, craft paper and glue and few other materials.  If you have been out in the garden you may have been doing some nature spotting and seen some garden snails.  We thought it would be a fun activity for kids to create their own garden snail craft – all you need is a good imagination and some creation and viola, your own garden snail.  As long as being a fun activity, this snail craft is great for the development of fine motor skills as the kids will be glueing the smaller objects and developing hand eye coordination at the same time.

Garden snail craft.

Level up – If your child is using scissors they can also practice their skills by cutting the construction paper into the shape of the snail.

You will need

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • 20-30 Buttons
  • A marker for the face
  • Scissors
  • Bobble eyes
  • 1 pipe cleaner
  • Tape

How to make your snail craft

Step 1

On the construction paper draw the shape of a snail.  Using scissors cut the shape out. (Adults, you may need to help with this, depending on how experienced tier child is with cutting).

Step 2

In the shell section, dab dots of glue on the paper to cover the whole shell section.  

Step 3

Start placing the buttons on the shell, one by one.  Once finished, leave to dry. For a challenge you could try to make patterns with the buttons.

Step 4

Using a marker, draw on your snails eye, and mouth. If you wanted you can also use bobble eyes instead or drawing on eyes.

Step 5

Your snail now needs antennae. Twist the pipe cleaners and each end to make a spiral shape. Bend in half to make the shape of two antennae. Using tape, stick to the back side of where the snails head is. Tah dah, your garden snail craft is now complete and ready to show off!


If you want a challenge, try using very small buttons to glue on the shell section.

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