Foam Peanut Ghost Craft


Foam peanuts for crafts

Re-use your Foam Peanuts for crafts



The time for ghoulish ghosts, monsters and witches has come around again…. so fast!  Halloween is almost here, and we have made a line up of some great Halloween crafts to make using recycled foam peanuts.  They come with lots of parcel and packaging support, so your items stay safe, but then what do you do with them?  I like to use these items and recycle (or as I like to say UPcycle them) into fun and creative crafts.  Give those foam peanuts, a second life, and scare someone on Halloween.


You will need:

Foam peanuts – 20-30 of them

Glue – something like PVA or Prit works well

2 pieces of black craft paper – One for the background (A4 size), one for cutting out eyes and a mouth.  The background the size can depend on how big you want it.

Pencil – for the outline



foam peanuts for crafts

Foam peanuts for crafting

Step 1

Outline a ghost shape on the black craft paper.  Glue inside the outline you have pencilled on the craft paper.


Step 2

Using the foam peanuts, place them and push down on the glue which you have put in the shape of a ghost on the black craft paper.


Step 3

Wait for the glue to dry.  While you are waiting cut out 2 eyes, and a mouth shaped out of the second piece of black paper.  Glue these on the foam peanuts.  Leave to dry, and them hang in the window to let everyone know you have a very scary house, and you’re ready for trick-or-treaters.


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