Happy New Year Craft

Simple New Year craft

Simple New Year craft

2017 has arrived…. What better time to do a New Year Craft!  I know I had lots of time over the winter holidays, so I thought…. hmmm I know a great way to fill the day and have fun.  This craft is great for toddlers through to school aged children.  Take a look around your house for any left over material you can use to decorate this craft with.  It’s a nice way to recycle and create some lovely things out of materials that would otherwise be thrown out in the trash.

This easy and simple New Year craft can be done in 2 easy steps.

You will need:

Construction paper

Pen or Marker

Any material you want to put on it.  I used pom-poms and cut up Christmas hat.



Step 1

On a piece of construction paper write 2017 with pen or marker.

Step 2

Glue on the material (paper, pom-poms, anything else you’d like) on the numbers.

You have now finished your easy 2017 craft.

Happy New Year!  Best wishes for 2017.


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