Olympic Rings Handprint Craft

Olympic Rings handprint craft

Get in the spirit of the Olympics and create your own Olympics craft. All the top athletes from all over the world are competing to win, and you can join in the celebrations and cheering from your own home.  This is a fun time to watch many different types of sports and athletes doing their best for their country. At Crafty Dojo we thought we’d get into the spirit of the games by making some really fun Olympics crafts for kids. This Olympic craft is easy peasy and a whole lot of fun to make.

Make this easy Olympic rings handprint craft using just a few materials you can find at home.

You will need

Hands (for getting paint on!)

Paint – red, yellow, black, blue and green – the colours of the Olympic ring. I use water based paints as they are easier to wash off.

White construction paper

Step 1

With the blue paint, paint over your hand. In the top left side of the paper, stamp your hand down. This will represent the blue Olympic ring.

Step 2

Clean your hand so there is no paint left on it.

Step 3

Repeat for black paint, then red paint along the top, and underneath you will do the same for yellow paint on the left and green paint on the right.

Step 4

Leave to dry.

You have now completed the Olympic rings handprint craft!  Now you can wave your Olympic Rings around and join in the cheering for your favourite sportsperson.

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