Pom-Pom Party Popper

Pom-pom party popper

Pom-pom Party Popper craft

If you have a party or celebration coming up, or even just feel like having some fun, these Pom-pom Party poppers are the perfect crafts.  Your little ones will love this pom-pom party popper craft and I’m sure they (and you) will have hours of fun.

You can, of course, put confetti, dried pasta or even coloured uncooked rice if you wanted to change it up a little.  It’s great for children to experience textures and develop their fine motor skills as they will be developing hand-eye coordination when they re-fill the poppers.

Try this craft at home!  It’s easy to make and not many materials are needed.

You will need

3 paper cups

3 balloons

Pom poms – approx 3 handfuls



Step 1

To make these awesome pom-pom party poppers you will need to start off with cutting a hole in the bottom of the cups.

Step 2

On each of the three balloons, you will need to cut the bottom off.  This will be the thicker part of the balloon and not the part you blow in to.  Tie the end that you would blow into, into a small knot.

Step 3

On each of the cups, you will need to carefully put the cut end of the balloon over the cut end of the cup.  This may be easy to put on the cup when the cup is upside down.  When you have put one balloon on one cup, use the tape to secure it.

Once this part is done on each cup, you are ready to load the party poppers with pom poms.

Step 4

To use this Pom-pom Party Popper, hold the cup in your hand like normal, gently pull the narrow part of the balloon down and then let go.  The pom-poms will then pop up in the air.

Once this is done you’re ready to celebrate!


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Pom-pom party popper steps

Follow these steps to make a pom-pom party popper craft

Photo credit : Sistersguild.blogspot.co.uk

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