Scary Halloween Jack’O’Lanterns


Scary Halloween Jack’O’Lantern

Halloween is the time of year when all things creepy, crawly and scary come out.  I’ll tell you what seems to scare me the most still….. Jack’O’Lanterns.

They are pretty easy to make and give a great effect.

I have made these year after year with the kids, ever since they were toddlers.  They loved to help scoop out the insides of the pumpkin, and it gives them great accomplishment, seeing the final product in the windowsill, or at the front door knowing they helped create this scary Halloween Jack’O’Lantern.

Materials you will need

1 Orange carving pumpkin

Carving knife and scoop




Step 1

Cut a circular hole on the top of the pumpkin.  This is the hole you will go through to scoop the insides out of your pumpkin.  Do not through out the top, as this will be used for the lid later on.

Step 2

Using a marker, out line the shape you would like to cut out of your pumpkin.  Once you have the shape or picture of what you would like on your pumpkin start cutting the shapes out very carefully using a knife.  I used a medium size knife as a smaller one wont get through.

Step 3

Scoop, Scoop, scoop.  Using a spoon scoop out the inside of the pumpkin.  Once this is done, give the pumpkin a little wipe so it is clean on the outside.

Step 4

Place a candle inside and put it in your favorite Jack’O’Lantern spot.  Happy Halloween!!!


Watch this video  with Marty the Moose  making a Jack’O’Lantern

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