Sea Shell crafts

Sea shell craft

Shelly the sea shell craft

If your going to the beach or have recently, you may have seen the one or two shells around…. these are fantastic for making sea shell crafts for kids, and involve little materials.  Below is one of my favourites.  You can get you imagination juices flowing and come up with brilliant creations.

You will need

Shells, I used medium size

Paint – any colour you like

Craft glue

Pipe cleaners

Bobble eyes

Step 1

With your paint of choice, gently paint the shell you have chosen.  This will be the body.  Wait for the paint to dry then move on to the next step.

Step 2

Now that the paint has dried, we are going to add legs.  Using the scissors, cut the pipe cleaners to about 10cm long.  At one end of the pipe cleaner, glue it and stick in to the edge of the shell, on the under side.  Repeat for all your legs on both sides.

Step 3

Once all the legs are glued on and the glue has dried, we are going to stick the eyes on.  Glue the underside of the bobble eyes, and place where near the front of the shell.  Wait for the glue to dry, and you now have a sea shell craft beach friend.

I named mine Shelly!  What’s yours named?

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