Seashell Photo Frame

Seashell photo frame craft

Seashell photo frame craft

If you’ve come home from a beach trip or are lucky enough to live at the beach you may have brought home some seashells. A great way to make more memories from these shells is to create a Seashell photo frame.   You won’t need many materials at all. If you have a summery day but can’t get to the ocean to collect seashells for your crafts, you will be able to find the materials you need below to complete this seashell photo frame craft.   The kids will love making this craft and the end result is just fab!

You will need

Sea shells 

Craft Glue


Cardboard (box or sheet is fine) or a wooden frame you’re not using anymore



Step 1

If you have chosen a wooden frame skip this step.  

Cut the cardboard into a rectangle shape, and cut out a smaller rectangle from the middle so you are left with a frame. This will be the front of the frame. For the back, cut out another rectangle from a new piece of cardboard which is the same size as the outside of the first rectangle. You will the glue only 3 sides, and one side is where the photo will slide in. The kids may need help with this.

Cardboard photo frame

Cardboard Photo frame base

Step 2

On an old photo frame, or a cardboard frame layout the sea shells where they will be, to see what the finished result may look like.  

Step 3

Once the shells are placed gently pick them up one by one and glue the back.  I recommend using runny white craft glue.

Carry on gluing each shell on the frame or cardboard. Let this sit in an area it won’t be bumped and let the glue dry for about 20 minutes.

Step 4

Once it’s dry, you can put a beautiful photo in, and voila, you have made your very own Sea Shell photo frame. The kids will be so proud to see the work they put in!

Get your materials for this craft below.

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