Shell Jewellery box


Easy Shell Jewellery box


After spending some time at the beach over the summer, I decided it would be a great idea to collect shells, to make a jewellery box decorated with shells.

This is super duper easy and only requires a few steps.

Materials you will need are-
Wooden box ( you choose the size)
White paint
Shells from the beach

Step one
You will first need to paint the wooden box. First off, lay newspaper down on the table where your will be making your creation, so it can protect the surface and catch any paint splashes. Using a small to medium sized paint brush, cover the entire outside of the box. Let it dry. I let my box 1 day to dry, just to be sure it is completely dry.

Step 2
The next thing you will need to do is select the shells your want to use for this jewelry box and lay them out on the box first to see what kind of design you would like to do. I chose to do one corner.
Using the glue ( I used UHU glue, but i think PVA or craft glue will be good as well) dab small amounts on the side of the shell which will be affixed to the box. Continue this for every shell, until they are all glued on. Again you will need to wait for the glue to dry.

Voila!!! Your Jewellery box is complete and ready to use.

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