Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flower craft

Tissue paper flower craft for kids

Tissue paper flowers are a beautiful and yet simple way to decorate. These can be used to decorate for parties, Spring or just to have fun with tissue paper, and kids of all ages can join in the creation of these tissue paper flowers. You don’t need too many materials to create these tissue paper flowers for kids, and these can help with the development of fine motor skills, patience and then they will be rewarded with the outcome of pretty flowers to have around the house, preschool or even be used as gifts for Mothers Day and Valentine’s day. You will see below the simple steps to creating these delicate tissue paper flowers.

You will need

Tissue paper sheets (pink and red make beautiful flowers, but choose whatever colors you prefer)
Pipe cleaners – optional (one for every flower you make)
String – optional (to hang your flowers)


Step 1

Take your tissue paper and cut them into 20-by-10- cm sheets. (For larger flowers, use bigger sheets).  Lay multiple sheets on top of each other (at least six to 10 sheets is ideal).


Step 2

Once they’re stacked and lined up, begin folding your tissue paper.  Start with the shorter side (in this case, the 10cm side) and make a 2m.  Turn your tissue paper over for the next fold, then turn it back for the fold after that. Keep folding and turning over the paper until you have an accordion-style narrow strip of tissue paper.

Tissue paper flower fold

Tissue paper flower folded like an accordion


Step 3

Using your scissors and trim the ends of the tissue paper strip so that you have a rounded edge. This will help your tissue paper petals have a rounded appearance, like the petals of a real peony, when you unfold the flower later.  Depending on what flower you would like to make you can cut the ends in different shapes.


Tissue paper flower shapes

You can trim the edges of the tissue paper to create different looking flowers


Step 4

Take a pipe cleaner as a stem and loop it around the middle of the folded tissue paper strip. To make sure it’s centered, you can fold the tissue strip in half and put the “stem” there.  If you would like to hang your flower instead, you can tie a piece of string around the tissue paper the same as the pipe cleaner instead.


Step 5

Open the petals gently.   Separate the tissue paper sheets to unfold the petals of your flower.  Gently fluff up the edges to make your flower look full.   You may need to help very young children with this part, but with encouragement, and determination this can be very rewarding for the kids.  Hang or display your beautiful flower and don’t worry, these flowers will last for quite a while.


Tissue paper flower craft

This tissue paper flower craft is beautiful and fills the house with fun!

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