Quick and Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Looking for quick and easy toilet paper craft ideas?

Toilet roll watch

5 steps to make and easy watch craft.  Have a little one who wants to be a grown up. Fascinated with having things like you? The ‘paper roll watch’ is the perfect craft for you.

With 5 simple steps you can make a watch.

You will need
toilet paper roll
Coloured paper

Step 1
Using scissors cut the end off paper roll so it is approximately 5cm in width. ( You can change this size to fit your child better).

Step 2
Using the size of the cut piece of paper roll as a base, cut a strip of coloured paper similar in width. This will cover the paper roll. Once this is cut, using glue, stick in the the paper roll, making sure all is covered. If you have pieces over lapping, simply glue the inside, and fold them to the inside of the paper roll.

Step 3
Cut the paper roll so it can become easier to slide on the wrist of you child.

Step 4
Cut out a square( or circle of you like) of coloured paper. This is going to be the face of the watch, so make sure it can fit nicely onto the watch. I used paper approx. 3cm by 3cm.
Using marker or pen write the numbers I the face of the watch. Glue it on to the side which is opposite the cut side.

Step 5
Decorate however you like and have fun.

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