Toilet Paper Roll Elephant Craft

Ellie the Elephant loves to play.  Create your own toilet paper roll elephant craft in 5 simple steps and have fun playing with your new friend.  Here is a simple guide to making toilet paper roll elephant.

Toilet paper roll elephant craft


You will need 

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Construction paper – black, white, orange
  • Tape
  • Marker
  • Stick on eyes (optional)


Step 1

On the construction paper, lay the toilet paper roll on its side and trace a line leaving 1-2cm on each end of the roll.  Cut the paper along the line, and wrap the paper around the toilet roll.  Tape it to hold in place and fold in the paper which overlaps at each end of the toilet roll.

Toilet paper roll elephant craft step 1

Step 2

 On the leftover paper, cut out the shape of two ears and fold in the middle.  Tap to the back of the elephant head.


Step 3

If you are using stick-on eyes, pop them on.  If you are using construction paper, cut out two white circles, the two slightly smaller black circles.  Tape or glue the black circles onto the white circles.  These will be your eyes.  


Step 4

You will need to make a trunk next.  Cut out 2 strips of paper which are roughly 1cm wide and 15-20 cm long.  Make an ‘L’ shape with these two pieces of paper and tape together at the end to hold them in place.  

Toilet paper roll elephant craft trunk step 1

Toilet paper roll elephant craft trunk step 2


Step 5

Fold left over the right, then right over left, then back to left over right,  and continue this until there is no more paper to fold, and tape at the end.  This trunk for the elephant now needs to be taped to the elephant’s face.


Ellie the Elephant is now ready to play!


Toilet paper roll elephant craft

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