Top 3 Easter Crafts

Easter is on its way again, so here at Crafty Dojo, we’ve compiled our favourite Easter crafts. These are fun and simple crafts you can do at home or even away if you are on holiday. Take a look below at our top Easter craft choices.


Easter Egg wreath.

This adorable wreath can be a made using scissors, paper of your choice, glue and ribbon. If you wanted you can even add on glitter or sequins to make its sparkle. Then hang it up to be admired!

Easter Egg Wreath Craft

Easter Bunny craft.

This is such a cute one for the kids to have so much fun making. Great for learning about different textures, this Easter bunny craft uses cotton balls, glue, paper and paint. The kids will have so much fun placing the cotton balls on and creating their very own Easter bunny. And then getting gritty with the paint on their feet!!! They can even make these for gifts by putting different photos in the face area.

Easter bunny craft

Easters egg of buttons.

This is a great craft for sorting and fine motor skill development by picking up the buttons and delicately gluing them into place. You can use any colours you like, just put them into an eggs shape, glue and let them dry on a flat surface. Once done you can frame and admire the patience and skill that went into creating it.

Easter egg button craft


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