Top 5 chalk games for kids

Top 5 chalk games for kids

Chalk games for kids

So much fun can be had on sunny days with chalk, pavement and a couple of items from the park. We have compiled a list of the top 5 chalk games for kids. If you have any ideas, please feel free to get in touch.

Lily pad Jump
you or the kids can Draw different sizes of green lily pads on the concrete making sure the distance between them are different distances apart. Ask the kids to jump across the “pond” by only standing on the lily pads. They will hav so much fun playing the game and getting it ready by drawing and creating their own game space.

You will need small rocks, twigs or bark for markers. The object of hopscotch is to move from the start square to the end of the hopscotch board and back again. You can only have one foot in one square and you have to jump OVER the square with the rock in it.

TO PLAY: Draw a hopscotch board. The first player takes their rock and throws it on the first square marked with a “1”. Then jump over the “1” square to the “2” square and continue hopping down to the end of the hopscotch board.

At the end the player must turn by jumping and turning in the air to land with one foot in the last square(s). They then hop back towards the front of the board – when you get to the square with the rock they must hop in that square with one foot and pick up the rock. Then continue to the front of the board.

If at any time the player hops on a line, misses the target square when throwing the rock or loses their balance their turn is over. If while throwing the rock it lands on a line then the player loses their turn.

Connect the Dots
Draw a simple outline of a familiar object such as a tree, house, flower, etc. using only dots. Let the kids use sidewalk chalk to connect the dots and find out what picture the dots make. The kids can even color it in when they have finished.

Artist Switch
this game is great if you have a few kids to play together. Draw large rectangles on the ground ( draw as many as the number of children who will be playing)and give each child a different colour chalk. Ask them to start drawing a picture in their space. Set a timer for 3 – 5 minutes and when time is up have the children rotate to another rectangle and have them draw on that space. Continue until all the artists have had a chance to color on all the rectangles. You can then admire the masterpieces!

Body Outline Trace
Have the kids lay down in different positions on the concrete and then draw around their shapes. Then let them fill and color the outline with their face, features and clothes. Give them a theme such as beach, formal, summer day, winter day, farmers, etc.

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