Valentine’s Day Craft – Love Heart Photo Frame

Valentine's Day CraftLove is in the air.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Here we have an easy Valentine’s Day craft to make.  A love heart photo frame to give to your loved one.  The kids will love making this Valentine’s Day craft and the end result is just fab!

Valentine’s Day Craft – Heart Photo Frame

You will need

Pink, red and light pink construction paper





Cardboard (box or sheet is fine)

Ribbon – red or pink

Step 1

Using a template of 3 different sized heart shapes, cut out about 10 hearts in each color, using the different size heart shapes.

Step 2

Using your scissors, cut out a heart shape from the cardboard box/sheet approximately 20cm wide and 20cm high.  This will be the back part of the frame for your photo frame.  Cut out another heart shape from the cardboard, the same size as the first heart.  This will be the front part.  On the front heart, you will need to cut out the middle in the same heart shape.  There should be a heart outline about 3 cm thick.  This will be the front part of your photo frame.

Step 3

Glue all the paper hearts onto the front part of the photo frame.  Using glue, add glitter over the hearts, then leave it to dry for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 4

You will need to attach the front heart with the decoration glued on, to the back heart.  Using glue around the edges only, glue the two hearts together.  Only glue the bottom half of the heart.  As you will be putting a photo in it, you will need to leave a space at the top of the hearts big enough for a photo to slide in.

Step 5

On the back of the photo frame, you will need to make two small holes near the top of the rounds on the heart.  You can use a hole punch or the end of the scissors, but BE VERY CAREFUL.  Thread the end of the ribbon through one hole, and tie a knot to secure it.  Do the same with the other hole with the other end of the ribbon.  Ths ribbon can be used for hanging your beautiful photo frame.

You have now completed a beautiful Valentine’s Day Photo frame to give to the one you love.  Well Done!

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