Paper plate rainbow

Paper plate rainbow in 4 easy steps.

Paper plate rainbow

You will need 

Large paper plate 

7 pipecleaners (one for each colour in the rainbow)

Cotton puffs/white tissue




Pencil or marker

Step 1

Using a large a per plate, draw two 5cm lines on opposite sides of the plate. With scissors, cut these lines.
Step 2

With the pipe cleaners, put the end of one pipe cleaner through one side of the cut plate, and fold underneath so it is more secure. Make a rainbow (half circle) shape and put the other end of the pipe cleaner through the other side of the plate, into the cut area, and again bend the pipe cleaner it to make it more secure.
Step 3

Do this for all of the pipe cleaners. Once they are all in and bent to become more secure, place tape over the bent ends, underneath the plate to help it stay in place.
Step 4

Scrunch the tissue paper into medium sized ball, make sure it’s not too tight, so it gives the illusion of being light and fluffy. Glue on top of the plate and each end of the ‘rainbow’. These will be your clouds.
Your rainbow is complete!


If you like you could add a pot of gold at the ends of the rainbow using gold foil scrunched up.
You can use cotton balls instead of tissue paper for the clouds.  I just use whatever is in the house and easy to find.

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