Chinese New Year craft

Chinese New Year craft

It’s time to make a Chinese New Year craft!  Chinese New Year is just around the corner.  There are so many beautiful crafts that can be made to celebrate and enjoy the bright and colorful time of the year.  We have selected our top Chinese New Year Crafts to make.  Easy to make at home with your little ones, or if your a teacher or nanny, you will be able to have loads of fun with these crafts at school or home.

One craft that we really like here is a simple Lantern craft.


You will need

Construction paper – gold and red





String or ribbon


Step 1

Using your marker draw the shape of a lantern on the red construction paper. Draw the vertical lines down to form the shape of the lantern ( You will later put gold glitter on these lines). Cut the outer shape out.

Step 2

Using the gold/yellow construction paper, cut out two shapes to look like the top and bottom of a lantern.  You will then need to glue the top and bottom parts of the lantern that you’ve made from the gold/yellow construction paper.

Step 3

Glue along the lines you have drawn on the lantern, and then sprinkle glitter over the glue.  Tie a piece of ribbon or string to the top of your lantern.  It’s now ready to hang.


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 新年快乐.  Gong hei fat choy.  Gong xi fa cai.

Chinese lantern

Chinese lantern

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