Easy Easter Hat Craft

Easter Hat craft – Great for Spring

Easter Hat Craft

Easy Easter Hat Craft

It is super easy to make this cute Easter Hat Craft, and the kids will love wearing it around after.  To help bring in the season of spring with flowers and baby chicks, this Easter hat is a great fun and easy to make.  You can change the things that you put on the hat to suit you too!  This Easter craft is a brilliant way to let the kids get creative and express their imagination.  We used fluffy chicks, ribbon and daisies for ours, but you can find many beautiful things in nature and around the house to put on your hat.  If you are like us, the kids will love getting into the spring feeling and playing in their hat, all at the same time as being sun smart and staying protected from the sun.

You will need

1 straw hat

Decorations of your choice – I used baby chicks, flowers, and a pink ribbon

Hot glue gun or runny white glue

Step 1

With the stems on the flowers weave them through the gaps in the straw hat.  Space them evenly around the hat.  Do the same with the chicks,  You may need to use a hot glue gun to keep the chick secure.  If you don’t want to use hot glue, the white runny glue will work just as good.  Let the glue dry, then wrap the ribbon around the base of the hat.  

Your Easter hat is complete, and ready for Easter egg hunts and fun Spring time wear.

Variations for the Easter Hat

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